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Obedience training begins from the moment your puppy arrives in your home.

From housetraining to competitive obedience training, your dog is never too old or too  young to learn. That's why DogHaven offers training for dogs of all ages. We believe it is a necessary part of an enjoyable life for you and your dog. We encouage the entire family to get involved, even the children!

DogHaven offers group classes for basic obedience behaviors and problem resolution for behavioral concerns.  We also offer the AKC Canine Good Citizen tests every year. Check our schedule page for a list of our current classes.

At DogHaven we have worked with many families throughout the years, each with different concerns and goals for their dog. We strive to personally address your concerns and develop solutions to suit each dog and family.

DogHaven classes include:

Puppy ABC
Our puppy class is designed for puppies that are 4 months old and younger on the first day of class. It is structured into three parts:
socialization with people, basic training and socialization with puppies.
The class begins with pass the puppy. Everyone in class has a chance to handle and work with each puppy attending. This  provides a positive experience for the puppes as they are separated from their families to visit the other puppy parents. We will also talk about problems that may be happening at home such as biting, jumping, house training, etc.  During the second segment, the pups  will  learn sit, down, come, stay, and leash walking basics.After 'school' there is a playtime where the pups will learn proper play and social behavior with each other.

Mind your Manners
Mind your manners is the next step in puppy or adult dog training for puppies starting at 5 months old to adult dogs.
Manners  is designed for dogs who have not been trained in the basic obedience behaviors (sit, down, come, stay, leash walking). This class will train each behavior, address behavioral concerns and apply the training to everyday life at home.

Intermediate Group
Intermediate group class is designed to reinforce your dog's previous training by introducing distance, duration and distraction exercises in different formats every week. Proper behavior in public is strengthened through close proximity socialization exerises. The class curriculum also includes the elements of  the ACK Canine Good Citizenship program. The CGC test is given every year.
Urban Dog
The AKC Urban Dog Class is a real-life based, basic manners in public class. All students must have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test before joining. 
This class will focus on proper behavior in public places. We will prefect our skills and then visit businesses and take walks in town. In our last class we will offer the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen test. (test requirements can be found on the following link:
Rally is an advanced level obedience class. This class will strengthen and grow your dog's current skills while developing a better handler-dog working relationship. You will learn various obedience routines at four increasing levels of difficulty.These routines are sequenced into a course where handler and dog move from station to station performing each behavior until completed. Rally can be done for fun or competition.  It is a competitive sport in AKC and USDAA where titles and ribbons can be earned.