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Mindy joined our family in May of 2017. We had plans for her to excel in obedience and become a teaching dog for our classes at DogHaven. So far she is living up to our expectations. Mindy is has an awesome work ethic and will try any task you ask her to do. She earned her first leg in Rally Novice at six months old and has since gone on to finish the Advanced title on November 11, 2018 and then her Excellent title on February 3, 2019.  We gave conformation a try and she did very well. Mindy is a great girl. She does everything that I ask of her, and she does it well!

Mindy has a sweet, calm temperament, is very loving and a huge snuggler. She is a great family dog and companion, and loves kids.

She has passed this wonderful temperament to her puppies who have become great family companions and performance dogs in the making. They have proven time after time to be versital and well rounded as adults.

Mindy can do it all from being a great performer and companion to being the best mom ever.

Mindy is 16" at the withers, 22 pounds and a whole lotta love!